12 week old “Bamse” is looking for a pet home

UThis puppy boy (previously called puppy boy no 4, from Tia and Tomba) was initially sold before he was born, but the owner-to-be had to back out, due to to unforeseen circumstances.

UPDATE: sold

Therefore; Kyon’s Snille Bamse Brakar (aka BAMSE) is hanging out with us, while waiting for the right LOVING home to come along.

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  1. Jan Bourdon says:

    I am interested in Norwegian Buhunds. I live on a farm. I have shown a dog from puppy to championship in the past. The only herding breed I have had some experience with handling is an Australian Cattle Dog (very obedient, very tough and not as happy go lucky as I like). I have looked at the Shiba Inu (and handled) and the Norbottenspetz and decided against both. As an example, how easy is it to train the Bu for a solid recall? I have a six year old Dalmatian now. She is very obedient and she is a great dog, but there are some renal problems in her blood line. I like the robustness and cold tolerence of the spitz breeds as I work outside a fair bit even in the winter. I would be interested in showing a Buhund puppy. Can you give me more information on breed characteristics, general work ethic, a ball park figure for price and availabilty of Bu puppies. My Dal has left people with their mouths hanging open with her general herding abilities, but it wouldn’t hurt if she had some help. She is my third Dal to show this work ethic. Where I ask for her help is moving horses through gates and out of our yard (7 acres) or holding them back when we are moving hay or have big rigs coming in with full loads of round bales (the last thing I need is for horse to try and slip out the gate when we are working). I had an incident last weekend where one of my young foals rolled out under the fence after her nap and ended up on the road. Her mother is a rescue horse and not halter broke. My neighbours came to help with the foal. I put a rope on the foal, yelled at the mare to go to the gate (the idea being the foal would make a bee line for mom when she saw her at the gate). The mare ran to the gate but one of my geldings took exception to her being there and started to bite her. I told my dog to “get him” and she flew out there and backed the gelding off and held him so I could reunite mare and foal without incident. One of my neighbours said “I didn’t know Dals could do that”. I laughed and told her mine pretty much does what I tell her to do (very handy). My neighbour then went on to say that neither her German Shepherd or Lab would have known what to do. To be fair to her dogs they have never been worked around any livestock. Even though I showed my dog to her championship she is invaluable to me as a helper when I do chores as I work by myself. Are Bu’s similarly gifted?


    • karin says:

      sorry for the really long delay in replying to this- it somehow skipped my attention . it’s best to write us directly at kklouman@kyonkennels.com if you are still interested in the Norwegian Buhund. your Dalmation sounds absolutely fabulous- and the buhund would be much the same in regard to work ethic and intelligence/trainability, although they are by nature more independent (like all nordic breeds).if you want to send me an email i can tell you more details about this ancient and very rare breed, however please review the information on the website too. our next pups will likely be this late fall.Thanks!

  2. Jeanne Kho says:

    Hi there,

    I was browsing your site attempting to find out more information about my own dog Snowy who originally came from your kennel when I stumbled upon this post. I noticed that little Bamse was looking for a home and while I realize that this post is about a year old, I would like to offer our home to this little (or not so little) puppy. If he has already been adopted I hope that it was to a wonderful home, but if not Bamse would be a welcome and loved addition to our family.


    • karin says:

      just saw this. Bamse is long placed in a most loving home where he is very happy indeed. we will have more buhund pups however, later in the year. i am interested in learning about your “snowy” who you say originally is from our kennel- i cannot recall one with that name- did you get him/her from another person (not us?).

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